Who's Your Daddy?

Who’s Your Daddy is written by Stephen Donaldson and spoken by Larry Distasi.  The podcast is a story about sex in prison.  Sex is an issue that is partially resolved by creating relationships that are between a “daddy”, or a “jocker”, and a “punk”.  A jocker is a stronger man in a relationship with a punk.  The punk is the smaller man seeking a relationship that could provide the necessary protection to prevent gang rapes as well as other undesired situations.  Donaldson was the punk in his prison relationship, and he wrote to provide information for inmates that could prove to be useful advice.  When a punk is in the prison system, they want a jocker to protect them.  To find a jocker, the punk must first tell others he is in search of a jocker.  The word will spread and a man will come forth.  When the deal is presented, is it normal to have sex first in order to see if the relationship will be mutually beneficial.  Frequently in the presented deals, the jocker may loan their punk out to friends.  The loaning of the punk is a good thing because the more friends the jocker has, the more protection the punk has as well.  If something were to happen to the punk’s jocker, the jocker’s friends will provide the punk with new protection.  In Donaldson’s advice, he recommends getting the deal in writing in order to have the terms properly established.  It is stressed that the relationship between the jocker and the punk is for safety of both individuals in the relationship.  When the jocker is protecting his punk, he puts himself at risk.  The potential risks are why a mutually desired relationship is important.  Donaldson’s final piece of advice is for inmates to remember, when released from prison, the role is finished.  The roles of a jocker and a punk are simply acts that a crucial for survival. When leaving prison, the acting is left behind and former inmates resume life as their true selves.  

I found this podcast intriguing because many people have heard stories of rape in the prison system, but with the podcast, answers are provided.  While there is rape, there are actual relationships that save the lives of inmates while making incarceration more comfortable.  The podcast is beneficial advice for audiences consisting of current inmates, or as future advice in case someone becomes an inmate.  The podcast served as credible education because it came from a former punk, and the information provided may prove to be useful.