Traveling to Bulgaria to Experience and Embrace a New Culture

Many people love to travel, but not everyone knows the beauty and variety of traveling to a low tourism country.  I was limiting my travel experiences until seven months ago when I took a trip to Bulgaria in search of a unique, culture-filled vacation.  I was no longer interested in my standard yearly beach trip to Florida, so I chose a December vacation in a country to learn, embrace and experience a culturally different life. 

Bulgaria is known for its rich history, mountainous land and immense traditions.  Any country maintaining its traditions is filled with culture and learning opportunities to experience.  While visiting, I traveled the lands, became friends with the locals, and focused on embracing the culture around me.  From the tasty traditional meals to my eight-hour hike, Bulgaria quickly became my favorite country that I will eagerly visit again.

What made Bulgaria my favorite travel destination?

Hiking the Seven Rila Lakes

The Seven Rila Lakes are a group of lakes located on Rila Mountain.  The beginning of the hike offers a lift to the first lake and saves two hours of hiking.  I opted out and chose to hike the entire time.  The lakes are not all together, but as I climbed higher and higher up the mountain, I could see each lake and even walk up to some of them.  I walked up the mountain to the top, which is where the breath-taking view was.  At the top is where I could I see all seven lakes as well as the mountains beyond Rila Mountain.  The view was so amazing that I had sit down for an hour and soak it all in.  The Seven Lakes were so unique to anything I had ever seen before.

Gorgeous view I captured of the Seven Rila Lakes from the top of Rila Mountain.

Eating Traditional Meals

When traveling, people should be open to trying new food.  I love trying new food, so I requested the most traditional Bulgarian dishes at each restaurant.  At every meal, I would order a Shopska Salad.  It is a simple salad combined of cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, peppers and grated Bulgarian cheese on top. The refreshing and tasty salad prepared me for my entrĂ©es.  I enjoyed every meal, but my favorite dish was the Chushki Burek.  The dish is composed of fried peppers stuffed with eggs and Bulgarian Cheese.  There is no possibly way to describe each delicacy that I consumed because everything was so delicious. 

The traditional foods and beautiful mountains are only a glimpse of the wonders Bulgaria holds.  The culture is strong as the mountains are endless, the food is traditional, and the towns are filled with culture.  Many people may assume modernization would be delayed, but that is wrong.  Some cities are modernized, but the culture can be felt and seen through the structure of building, the nature surrounds and the endless food options.  What I experienced in Bulgaria brought more joy than any weekend beach trip that I had been on.

I look forward to any recommendations on other culturally rich travel destinations.

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