Sense of Place: Final Draft


This assignment is called “Sense of Place”. My class was instructed to choose a place and create an immersive experience for the readers through an interactive feature article. I chose Marietta Square as my location. In my interactive feature article, I included a digital story to portray the location’s aesthetic and history. I also included multimodal components, such as, a survey, an event calendar, and a fountain design template. Exploratory paths of written information are included for the Liberty Bell and the Marietta Square Farmers Market. To increase the immersive experience of the readers, I embedded links to further the research of the area as well as a link to a gallery of 50 images that represent Marietta Square. I ended my interactive feature article with an annotated list of links and resources that I used to research my location. Marietta Square is a wonderful location that serves many purposes to the public while thriving in its historical background.

Around the Square in Marietta Square

Directory exposing the possible buildings to explore

With its aesthetic appeals, frequent events, and instagram worth shops and restaurants, Marietta Square has risen in popularity.  It has its historic background that remains relevant and taught, and its center park usually used for relaxation. 

Marietta Square was founded in 1833.  1833 is when the city of Marietta was created, which was after the establishment of Cobb County.  Marietta Square was created by two of the original streets forming borders of present-day Marietta Square. 

The park area in the center of Marietta Square is formally called “Glover Park”.  The title originates from the first elected mayor of Marietta, John Glover, in 1852.  Glover Park was not always a beautiful area designated for the local’s enjoyment.  Its first purpose was being the foundation of the Cobb County Courthouse.  Thanks to Glover, the courthouse was moved to its present-day location that allowed the center to belong to the city and its local residents. Until the 19th century, the center remained an enjoyable grassy park without any construction on its grounds.  Once the 19th century rolled around, the building surrounding the park developed into a business area.  Various shops, government buildings, and social areas became the purpose of the area.

Center fountain in Glover Park

In the center of Glover Park, there is a fountain that stands tall.  The fountain is 3,000 pounds of cast iron that was created in Alexander City, Alabama by Robinson Iron.  The grandson of the Robinson Iron founder, Luke Robinson, said the fountain they created for Marietta Square is one of the company’s most famous and most requested fountain designs.  Harold Willingham was said to have donated $35,000 toward the creation of the well-known fountain.

Marietta Square may be a historic town, but it rises in popularity stems from its various attractions.  There are about 37 shops, 33 restaurants, 13 museums/ entertainment areas, 12 government offices, and 20 specialty shops.  The specialty shops are in the classification of tattoos, piercings, nails and hair salons.  Other than its every day purpose of shopping and eating, Marietta Square hosts various events like the Marietta Square Farmers Market, Chalktoberfest, and the Cobb County Rodeo.  People book the square to have their weddings or arrive to take pictures for prom or use the area for any other photographic purposes.  The visual appeal of the Marietta Square is still linked to its history.

The Strand Theatre

The history of Marietta Square stays in place.  Locals are educated on the history and the importance of each building and structure like the Liberty Bell.  Marietta Square is important because of its history and remains a place of importance to many. 

Replica of “The General”

Families are welcome to bring their kids of all ages to enjoy the shops and food options while soaking in the history.  There is also a unique train engine playground for the kids to use while the parents enjoy themselves.  The train is a replica of the famous train, The General. Aside from the train, a statue of Alexander Stephan Clay stands on display.  He was United States Senator from Georgia elected and reelected in 1902 and 1908.  Though he died while in office, his body is buried in the City Cemetery in Marietta.

Full of history and activities, the simple aesthetic of Marietta Square draws individuals in. Having a location for all to enjoy, makes this area unique and popular.  When going to Marietta Square, you may come to enjoy a quick lunch that ends up turning into a shopping spree or you can get caught up in one of the hosted events.  A budget is unnecessary when coming here.  With $0 in your bank account, anyone can come to just take in the atmosphere and window shop as much as they want.  The events cost no money to attend and the farmers market is enjoyable without making any purchase at all.  However, you will be tempted and most likely give in to spending a little money. 

Unique opening to a shop

Marietta Square is a great location for anyone to come for any purpose or occasion.  Whether it is to shop local independent stores, eat delicious food options, or to relax while your kids play, Marietta Square remains purposeful to nearly any need or want for the day. 

Exploratory Paths

Survey: Reasons to go to Marietta Square

Digital Story: Around the Square in Marietta Square

Event Calendar


Fountain Design

Liberty Bell

Marietta Square Farmers Market

50 Image Gallery

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Annotated list of links and resources:

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