Reality of Prison Life

Reality of Prison Life

I listened and reviewed the podcast series “Lockup”.  The podcast series shared stories by formers prisoners, families, and visitors.  The stories varied in topics ranging from communication with prisoners, holiday days, prison relationships, prison events, and prisoner perspectives.  I chose the topic of prison because the number of prisoners in the United States is increasing each year and more stories are being shared to clarify how life in prison really is.    

Many people have watched television documentary series and movies that expose the realities of prison life.  There are also personal videos shared by former inmates as well as family members of inmates.  Even with outlets clarifying the realities of prisons, the podcasts share personal stories in a great variety of specifics that show more because of the tones used in sharing the stories.  In a few of the podcasts that I listened to, such as Color Bar; the tone was low for a sad dramatic effect.  In other podcasts that I listened to, such as Open Your Big Mouth; the tone was upbeat to show a lighthearted story that brings in laughter.  The tone of the podcasts enhances the listening experience of the podcast’s audience. 

Outside of tone, the podcast stories were very specific about certain prisons or very specific experiences.  The specifics do more to clarify prison life because the specific story allows for a strong visualization for the listeners.  In the podcast, Mother’s Day, the specific holiday of Mother’s Day is described by the sister of an inmate.  She is describing a certain part of her visiting experience on that day, but she goes above and beyond by adding specifics of the entire room and vibe in the visitation room on the holidays.  The broadened specifics aid in a clarifying visual. 

With tone and specifics aiding in the visualizing experience of myself and other listeners, my ideas that created my reasoning of pursuing the topic of prison were able to be informatively clarified.  As many others, I was very curious on the sex life and relationships among the inmates.  In the podcast Who’s Your Daddy, the writer provides informative advice for inmates as well as listeners on how the sex and relationships begin, develop, and end.  The informative details provide clarification for listeners that include inmates.  The podcast I Mess with Texas, is about a radio show host who was a former inmate.  He used his show to allow family members and loved ones to communication with inmates since his main listening audience was the inmates in the Texas prison.  The podcasts each clarified the realities of prison through tone, specifics, and proving information and outlets for current prisoners. 

Overall, many people seek clarification on various prison subjects, such as communication with prisoners, holiday days, prison relationships, prison events, and prisoner perspectives.  Each of the podcasts that I listened to and reviewed, provide valuable information through specific stories using tone for intended emphasis.  While the reality of prison goes more in depth than the podcasts that I listened to and reviewed, the podcasts that I did listen to providing clarity on the concepts I originally sought information on.   

Exploratory Paths

Trends in U.S. Corrections : Use this link to see more about the trends in U.S. Corrections.  There is more information on prison populations, rates of incarceration, state expenditures on corrections, and much more.

Interesting Facts : This link is to learn interesting fun facts about prisons in general.

Prisoner Inventions : Use this link to learn about insane prisoner inventions.

Positive Prisoner Stories : This link is to read about prisoner success stories.

Prisoner Horror Stories : Use this link to read about prisoner’s horror stories while incarcerated. 

Multimodal Components :

Statistics : This link will allow the exploration of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.  There is information about statistics, inmates, locations, careers and much more.

Prison Fellowship : Use this link to learn more, and possible act upon, volunteering to help prisoners.


This American Life : This is the link to the official “This American Life” website for full collections of podcasts.

Lock Up : This is the link to the specific series of podcasts that I used. 

Context Statement: The assignment was to choose five podcasts relating to one overall topic. I chose the main topic of the reality of prison life in order to get clarifications on the topic. I chose five podcasts to review individually. My reviews consist of summaries for background knowledge for my audience before I officially reviewed with my opinions.