Every image from every image assignment is grouped in this one area for easy access. It is my official gallery, but I still have the drop down menus to view each assignment individually.

My 5 Image Story

This 5 Image Story is to show you all my homeland, Bulgaria. Each photo is its own story. They each come together to portray the ancient land of Bulgaria through its main attraction, mountains.

Composing Images Technique

I was asked to obtain five images that expressed different composing technique. My dog is my model for each of them. Through his photoshoots, I used composing techniques of blurred backgrounds, contrast, details, still motion and using the sun to shine on the primary focus.

Living Space

The purpose of the Sense of Place Image Curation is to show my home in my perspective of what resembles who I am.  I chose the living room space of the apartment I live in with a roommate.  The 11 images I chose show the room nearly entirely along with details that add to our personal styles along with our love for our dogs.  We have plants in every area of the apartment as well as representation of our dogs.  I chose to take the pictures on my phone using the natural light in our home.  Each image is taken in different angles to highlight the areas I love in our home and represent me.  

Personal Narrative Pictures

For this image assignment, I am providing a link to my image curation that doubles as my storyboard since these are my intended photos. There are 50 images that I took myself, and used to create a personal narrative digital story.

Sense of Place Images

This class assignment was took take 50 pictures of a place of our choosing. I chose Marietta Square because it is historic, local and full of activities. The 50 pictures I took captured the area as a whole through mass images of the buildings along with close up images of details that make Marietta Square the aesthetically pleasing tourist attraction that it is.