Personal Narrative Story: Final-Cut

The Black Sheep


My story, The Black Sheep, is about my personal role in my family.  But, it is positive, unlike the negativity connected to the name.  My video is a collection of personal images that together represent my journey with the connection I made with my parents. 

Final-cut of my personal narrative story

Classmate Comments:

“I am the only one in my family with tattoos and felt this spiritually.” Ari

“I like how you explained that you never stopped being yourself” Elise

“The reaction picture of your dad was awesome” AJ


I spent a lot of time thinking about what personal part of me I wanted to share.  I decided on this one because of it being a continuous part in my life.  While my family may have come around, I am still getting tattoos and we are getting stronger as a family each day. 

I began by creating a storyboard with more pictures than I actually used in my video.  I made the video using iMovie.  I first added all of my pictures in a random order just to have them in place.  Then I inserted my narrative in order to properly organize my photos in a timely manner.  I also added audio from Bensound.  The song is called “Tomorrow”.  I finished by cutting the length of the song to match my image

People may relate to my story in different ways.  My main goal was to show that tattoos do not define a person, but they do represent stories and memories of various types.  My tattoos relate to my mental illness is the journeys of my life.  My parents went from disapproval to ultimate acceptance and understanding.  I hope others relate to my narrative.