Open Your Big Mouth

Open Your Big Mouth is by Rick Reynolds.  Reynolds is a comedian that went to a prison to perform a comedy show for 800 inmates, along with his friend, who is another comedian. When they first got to the prison, they were informed on what they could not talk about on stage.  Reynolds and his friend could not talk about homosexuality, drugs, black and white relations, guards with guns, and K-Block. Reynolds’ friend was first to perform.  The inmates were all screaming, cussing, and throwing things, like milk cartons, at his friend performing.  When his friend unsuccessfully finished his comedic performance, it became Reynolds turn.  Reynolds stood in front of the rowdy audience in silence because he was wondering what to say to get them to laugh and enjoy their show.  His weird silence actually silenced the inmates.  With the attention of the 800 inmates, Reynolds decided to break all of the rules he was given and began by saying, “I just got back from K-Block and boy is my ass is sore”.  This line was a hit, and every inmate burst out in laughter.  With everyone laughing, Reynolds only made jokes using the information he was specifically told not to use.  He incorporated drugs, black and white relations, and the guards with guns.  He concluded his comedic performance with a Christmas singalong that individually, jokingly, targeted various typical reasons for prison sentences, such as rape, molestation, and murder.  Reynolds’ comedic performance was a laughable success for the inmates who all enjoyed his comedic lines. 

This podcast was so funny that I was laughing while listening to it.  The funniest aspect was that the success of Reynolds came from him breaking the rules he was given before the comedy show.  I also liked that the prison hired him to have an enjoyable event for the inmates.  I think this shows a perspective that proves the original rules may seem effective, but the inmates are normal people who enjoy comedy without taking offense.  Most comedians use material that targets majorities in the audience or controversial topics, and these topics increase the laughter in the audience.  Inmates are the same as everyone else who enjoys a comedy show.