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Garra Spas Atlanta

Lenaya and Chris Davis in Garra Spas

Kennesaw, Ga – Many people go to nail salons to get pedicures to roughly remove the dry and dead skin from their feet with the pumis stone without knowing there is a new option available for them.

Located in Town Center at Cobb, Garra Spas Atlanta provides a unique spa experience centering around the use of Garra Rufa fish that work as exfoliants for the feet through their attraction to pulse vibrations. With many misconceptions, and assumptions, out there, Garra Spas works to end misconceptions, while giving their customers pleasant experiences.

Meet the owners

With seven locations in the United States, Lenaya and Chris Davis are the co-owners of the Atlanta location of Garra Spas.  Together, Lenaya and Chris successfully opened Garra Spas in May of 2018.  The spa is in a prime location allowing for curious customers to openly come inside and ask questions.

Lenaya Davis is a 26-year- old woman from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Chris Davis is a 25-year-old from Columbus Ohio.  With encouragement from family, Lenaya and Chris Davis purchased their own store and proceeded to building upon the unique spa experience.


The main questions are centered around the fish.  Lenaya and Chris work to educate and promote the special qualities of the fish in order to push away common misconceptions. 

“Many people come in and ask us if the fish have teeth,” Lenaya said. “The truth is, Garra Rufa fish don’t have any teeth at all.  They use their mouths as little vacuums to suck off the dry and dead skin. They also use the scales on their body to help exfoliate the feet.”

The frequent question about the nonexistent fish teeth is one of several misconceptions.  Another misconception is that the fish need the human’s skin for their diet.  In reality, the fish are fed fish food nightly. 

Chris said, “The fish do not need us as their food source.”

There are customers who ask about the cleanliness of the tanks.  The tanks have a dual filtration system keeping the water clean throughout each session, but Lenaya and Chris hand clean the tanks three times a week for an even deeper cleaning.

“The fish can live up to three years when cared for properly,” Chris said. “We provide our fish with a healthy diet and the cleanest living conditions.”

Happily reassuring and educating customers in order to clear away any misconceptions, Lenaya and Chris also knowledgably inform customers on the fish themselves.  The fish are attracted the vibrations produced by the body’s pulse.

Spas can be entertaining

The concept of fish removing the dry and dead skin from feet is entertaining and it draws customers in.

“I have seen this process on TV and social media,” Garra Spas customer Jill Stevenson said. “So, I came in and tried it out.  I had so much and my feet felt incredibly soft after only doing it one time.”

According to Stevenson, the fish spa experience in centered around the fish, but it also includes a complimentary foot rub with Avani lotion.  Avani is a dead sea lotion with all-natural ingredients.  The natural lotion topping off the unique fish exfoliant experience is an alternative to the pumis stone, and it is an experience for many to enjoy.

Rules and regulations

Garra Spas welcomes people beginning at age four with no age maximum.  The only boundaries are in a simply written contract for customers to sign before they begin the fish spa experience. 

The contract says that customers are not allowed to participate if they have fungal infections, athletes foot, open wounds and sores, fresh tattoos, or unknown growths.

“The waiver portion of the contract is for the protection of the fish,” Lenaya said. “If anyone has anything from the waiver list, it could kill all of the fish in the tank.  We want everyone to participate, but the health of our fish is important.”

Proper care of the fish is how the spa stays open for customers.  Lenaya and Chris are knowledgeable of their spa as well as very hands on.  Together, they work at the spa full time and confessing the best part of their job is watching their customer’s reactions when entering the tanks for the first time.

Prices and rewards

To enjoy the experience, it costs $30 for a 20-minute fish tank session, and it costs $50 for a 30-minute fish tank session.  Outside of the fish tank sessions, Garra Spas offers an ionic cleanse that is $45 for a 30-minute session.  The ionic cleanse is a full body detox through the pores of the feet.  Sea salt water soaks the feet and creates the manipulation of negative and positive ions in the body to pull out the toxins. 

Customers are encouraged to come back because of the punch cards offered.  Lenaya and Chris Davis offer their customers punch cards that gift a free fish tank session on the fifth visit.  Lenaya and Chris Davis said the punch cards are a strong encouragement that draws in repetitive customers.