I Mess with Texas

I Mess with Texas is by Ray Hill.  Hill was released from a Texas prison for robbery, and he began a life in public radio.  He worked at KPFT in Houston, providing the public with a weekly radio show, every Friday.  The show originally centered around Texas prisons to expose the corruption in the Texas prisons.  Hill would interview judges and lawyers on his radio show.  Everyone involved with the Texas prison system listened to this radio show.  The direction of his show changed the day a woman called and begged him to let her son, in prison, know that she was saving money in order to come and visit him.  Hill listened to the distraught woman, and he decided to let her phone into the radio show and tell her son herself.  After the woman’s phone call, the direction of the show became an outlet for the inmate’s loved ones to call and say something to their loved ones in the Texas prisons.  Hill informed the audience that Texas prisons do not allow phone calls, so the radio show was some of individuals’ only way of communicating with their loved ones.  The phone calls ranged from loving messages, casual conversations, to break-ups.  In each clip, you could hear the eager and loving tone of voices.  Hill was pleased that his radio show turned into a communication outlet because the inmates do not have phone access. 

While listening to the podcast I Mess with Texas, I was pleased to learn of a former prisoner leading a successful life.  Not only was his personal life successful, Hill’s radio show conformed into a very touching outlet for families that were not allowed simple communication with their loved ones.  I enjoyed the podcast because it included clips of the radio phone calls.  The clips provided an emotional emphasis on how effective the radio show was. The podcast could enable others to feel motivated to do the same thing and create a new way to educate the public as well as helping loved ones.