How I Resolved Boredom During Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic globally affected everyone with stay-at-home orders.  Being at home all day seemed nice at first because people could spend time with family, play with pets and have freedom to do any household activities.  However, the boredom settled in and the urge to leave would not rest.  I was determined to avoid boredom, so I made a list of activities to look forward to doing. 

My list was composed of random activities and goals, but I did not do everything on the list.  Some activities were to deep clean every room in my home, cleanout and organize my closet, cook new dishes, and of course, in-home workouts.  Of my vast list of activities, I had two favorites.

What were my favorite quarantine activities?

Prioritizing My Dog

My dog, Zeus, is so special to me and I hated having to leave him to go to work and school.  So, my quarantine mission was to make him feel as special as possible since he is the center of my world.  Every day we went on five walks, and we ended each walk with long belly rubs in the grass.  In between the walks, I would look up dog treat recipes and make them for him.  Zeus still prefers to beg for my human food.  I guess French fries are his favorite food as well.  Finally, we would pamper ourselves with relaxation on the balcony for him to soak in the sun and to watch birds fly by.  I have always spent time with Zeus, but quarantine showed me how much more time and how many more activities we could do together. 

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Zeus in all of his glory and his birthday hat.

Pampering Myself

With so much more time at home, I decided to pamper myself every evening.  I researched and experimented with skin care products to find my ideal skin treatment.  With Tik-Tok as an influence, I ordered products from The Ordinary and tested them out.  I also cut off my own hair.  Previously, I had never cut my own hair before, so I grabbed my scissors on cut it.  It was very refreshing to try something new without worrying about how it will look, since I was not leaving my house.  Practicing skin care and cutting my own hair let me gain a routine, and I looked forward to my pampering every evening.

There are so many options to rid boredom while staying at home.  I look forward to any feedback on other stay-at-home activities.

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