Preview: The final blog post is to tie in all that I learned throughout the semester. I referenced each assignment as instructed, and there are also individual links to bring you back to each page.

The Personal Narrative assignment called for a video based off anything personal in our lives.  I chose to use my role in my family, which is the black sheep.  “I spent a lot of time thinking about what personal part of me I wanted to share.  I decided on this one because of it being a continuous part in my life.” I used the assignment to share how my tattoos make me the black sheep of my family, but my tattoos help my family grow and learn new levels of respect.  When creating my video, I chose to dig into my personal life and choose a unique idea.  When writing, I learned to prepare a script to enhance the tone of my video. The assignment taught me to use my personal images to create a video.  In the video, I learned to record myself in order to have my voice speaking over the video.  I also learned about free music downloads that were used in emphasizing my intended tone.  I had never created a video before, so the Personal Narrative assignment forced me to develop new technological skills. 

The Sense of Place assignment called for an interactive feature article as well as a digital story.  Since I had the new knowledge for creating digital stories, the video went smoothly.  The interactive feature article is what taught me new skills.  I learned to choose sources to increase the knowledge I was trying to provide in the article.  I chose Marietta Square because of the historic background as well as it being free to explore.  While completing this assignment, I learned new skills in website development because of my new arrangements of images as well as captioning.  With the skill learned, I chose to take pictures in a different way, and I displayed the images in a more engaging way.

The Podcast Review assignment called for interactive reviews of five podcasts relating to one chosen topic.  In this assignment, I did not learn anything digitally new, but I did learn to group podcasts by topic.  With prior knowledge involving interactive features, I was able to smoothly complete the assignment.

The Rescue Dog Games assignment called for a digital story and an article.  This assignment taught me to be careful in my writing when using interviews.  There are people who do not wish to disclose their names, family, and images.  So, I had to learn to be cautious when writing in order to respect the person I interview.  In this assignment, instead of focusing on the dogs entirely, I wanted to target the emotional side of the story that involved a special needs child and his relationship with the dogs. In the end, it turned out well because there was an equal amount of information relating to the dogs and their relationships with the child.  With this concept portrayed, the article was able to have a more emotional attraction for readers. 


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