About Me

My name is Gabriella Filipov; I’m 22 years old working on my Public Relations degree at Kennesaw State University.  It has been a long ride that never seems to end.  I have changed my major 5 times with a dropout period that just ended for me.  My life is pretty simple.  I go to school, entertain my dog and eat a bunch.  I’m not too exciting unless you find a dog obsession and extreme eating interesting.  My dog, Zeus, is the most important person in my life, so I center my life around him with no regrets. I do love to travel as well.  My favorite place to go is my home country, Bulgaria.  Bulgaria is an ancient land filled with cultural traditions, beautiful land and delicious traditional food.  I may live in America, but my family has carried the traditions over that we constantly take a part in.  One odd one is the tossing of water before an important travel.  Someone that is not going, takes a glass of water and tosses it in front of the traveler to walk on to ensure and wish safe and easy travels.  My family has been doing this since I was born and I do it with my friends if I know they are traveling.  I am not a traditional girl, but I do partake in the traditions that mean the most to me.  I guess the best way to know about me is to understand the traditional aspects in my life as well as my dog obsession.  I celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day because my son is my dog and I am a single parent to him.  Welcome to my blog everyone!